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1Up Rack on Infiniti G37

I have had a few inquiries about the 1Up rack and use with an Infiniti G37, so I thought I would post some more detailed information. I have been using this combination for about 3 years with my mountain bike and it has been great. The key benefits are:

  • Light weight, making it easy to mount and store when not in use
  • Folds into a compact size for storage in garage or in the car at the destination
  • Close to car (less stress on the hitch)
  • Fast to install on car and add or remove bikes
  • Secure - no wobble or concern that the bike isn't properly captured
  • Easy to fit multiple bikes of different sizes
  • No bike frame contact - no rubs, scratches or cabling issues
  • No rust

The only downside is that it is a bit expensive, but I think the benefits far outweigh this factor.

I suppose a picture is worth a thousand words, so lets add to the word count of this review:

Hitch detail

Close-up of installation of standard sedan hitch (Curt 11499) on my G37 sedan.


Unmounted rack

Unmounted and folded hitch as it is stored. As you can see, the hitch is about even with the bottom of the exhaust pipes.


Unfolded and installed hitch.


Profile view

Profile of installed single tray rack. Notice that it is close to the bumper which reduces the stress on the hitch. I thought this is important for the G37 since it is not designed to tow anything. The upward angle of the rack makes sure that it doesn't hit the ground when crossing curbs or bumps.


Bike mounted in the rack. It is still close to the car, so it can be difficult to open the trunk all the way with the bike on the rack. I could probably pull the rack out a bit when tightening the expansion bolt, but I never do that. I just pack the car before loading the bike and then remove the bike at the destination first.


Rear view of the loaded bike. Width has never been a problem. The arms can be postioned to the left or right, allowing other bikes to be loaded on an additional rack with handlebar/saddle interference. This is just as fast as a single bike loading.

Photos - Scenic

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Scenic Photo Gallery

Welcome to my "catch-all" gallery. These shots don't have a theme other than they are people, animals or plants and there is something about them that I find interesting. I have lots of pictures of the view from the various trails I have ridden (some at the same spot at different times of year) but others have a bit of human interest or humor.  I like them, so I guess I am making you look at them too!

Photos - People

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People Photo Gallery

Mountain biking can be a lot more fun with friends (like many other things). Whether it is discovering a new trail together, making it to the top of the hill that seemed impossible, stopping to take in an amazing view or sharing cold beer and tacos after a good ride, having friends there makes it even better.

Here is an odd collection of pictures of some of the people I have ridden with. This certainly isn't everyone (don't feel bad if I missed you), but it is some of the more interesting or odd pictures that actually came out. Of course, I missed the best pictures because I was riding, out of position, not thinking or some other reason.

This gallery has a bit of humor, a bit of determination, and a bit of celebration (well, maybe more than a bit) that are all a part of mountain biking.

Photos - Plants

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Plant Photo Gallery

I am not a botanist and I don't play one one TV (no one does!) but I can still enjoy the various plants I have come across. I may not know the names of too many of the wildflowers, trees, mushrooms, grasses, bushes or other things I have snapped pictures of but I know a pretty plant when I see one. 

Since I don't know the plant names, I have clever labels like "yellow wildflower".  If you happen to know some of the names, please drop a note in my guestbook.

Photos - Animals

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Animal Photo Gallery

One of the things I really enjoy is the wildlife I see while riding. When the subject, timing, lighting, trail and momentum permit, I try to snap a picture or two of the interesting critters I run across.  I usually skip things like quail, rabbits and ordinary insects - the types of things one sees all the time - to focus on more interesting subjects.  This gallery has a mix of mammals (deer, coyote, bobcat), reptiles (snakes and lizards), amphibians (newts), birds (hawks, turkeys), insects (butterflys, grasshoppers), arachnids (spiders), arthropods (millipede), and mollusks (banana slugs).  I have seen lots of other things including cougars, bats, owls, fish, weird beatles, lots of different types of birds and other things I have forgotten, but missed getting a good picture of any of these so far.

This is a good sequence of pictures of a successful coyote hunt in Montebello.


Here is the more general gallery of  beasts I have spotted while mountain biking:

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