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El Sereno - September 30, 2008

Distance: 12.90 miles Ascent: 2,378 ft, Moving time: 2:04 hours

This was the last WWR ride of the year as it is getting dark too early. The suggestion was to climb up Montevina Road to El Sereno. This a fairly steady 9% grade. I discovered that slow and steady loses to fast and steady. I was the slow and steady and was the last one to the top.

To make up for the slow climb, my descent down Aquinas in El Sereno was the slowest ever. I felt like I went down as fast as I went up due to darkness. I could barely make out the trail (the lighter section in the moonlight, often the darker section under the trees). This was an unplanned adventure. I should have brought my lights.

We capped off the ride with a pasta and beer a Willow Street in Los Gatos. It was a big crowd and everyone had a good time.

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