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El Sereno - March 7, 2010

Distance: 22.8 miles Ascent: 3,206 feet Moving time: 2:30 hours

It was another rainy week with little riding, but today was nice. Don needed a short ride, so we agreed on El Sereno. I rode to Los Gatos rather than driving, getting in a bit extra.

The climb up was uneventful. I held a moderate but not fast pace. We were passed by a guy on a single speed 29er, but then he stayed just a bit ahead of me all the to the top. It turned out to be Marco, a guy I met at the "May by the Bay" ride in Big Basin. It was a long haul to the top for him on a singlespeed, but he has been working at it. He said he really feels the improvement when he rides his multi-geared bike.

After a fast and fun ride down the hill, I said goodbye to Ken and Don as they headed back to Los Gatos while I headed up Overlook to the other part of El Sereno. As usual, there was no one there. It was a pretty short ride, and then down the hill and back home.

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