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El Sereno - March 1, 2009

Distance: 17.3 miles Ascent: 2403 ft. Moving time: 2:05 hours

It was raining today, but we decided to go out anyway rather than be rained out for the third week in a row. El Sereno is the best trail nearby for wet weather, so that was really the only responsible choice. Rather than ride up the trail, I took the other up Bohlman Road. As usual, the climb was steep and continuous. I decided not to put on my jacket since the weather was relatively warm. I think this was the right choice as I generated enough heat climbing to the summit to keep warm in spite of the rain and the high winds.

I was very glad that I brought some additional clothes. I put on a dry jersey, a jacket, a skully, and some wet weather gloves at the top and was warm and very comfortable for the entire ride down. The trails were in good condition, though we maintained speed to avoid potentially unpleasant surprises. We only saw one other person on the trails!

My new fenders worked great. Both Don and I have the plastic SKS fenders and they really did the job, keeping us clean and mostly dry (there was a bit of splash on the shoes and lower legs, but I'm not complaining). The lack of muddy spray in the face or a brown streak up the back (I know what you're thinking!) were a nice change. As you can see in the picture, Ken did not have fenders.

It looks like we are in for several days of rain. I may have to try some more rides like this.

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