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Distance: 10.9 miles Ascent: 2,289 ft. Moving time: 1:42 hours

This was my third ride at El Sereno OSP this week. I didn't plan this, but the weather dictated El Sereno as a good choice. It was cold and windy and threatening rain at any time, so El Sereno is a good choice since we can easily return from any point. Each ride has more and more people, with Ken, Don, Anna and Curtis in the crew this time.

The cold weather (low 40's) allowed us to play with layers and some cold weather gear. In one week, I have worn a jersey and shorts, a long sleeve jersey and tights, and multiple jerseys, wool socks and a jacket on the same trails. I have been able to work up a sweat every time going up the hill, but it was nice to put on fresh, dry gloves and a skull cap at the top for the descent today.

Today's ride was not as fun as the previous two. Perhaps it was just an off day or maybe too much riding lately. Maybe it was poison oak. I started itching Thursday after doing some yard work and now is it a full blown case on both lower legs and less severe on my forearms. Besides the itching, it has been oozing all over. I notice that my left lower leg was completely red and swollen when I got back from today's ride. I suppose this means a trip to the doctor tomorrow for "the good stuff". I have no idea how I got poison oak since I have been on fireroads, but there is no denying the symptoms. It is quite unpleasant, but things could be worse.

As usual for a cold weather Los Gatos ride, we did our "warm down" at Los Gatos Coffee Roasting. This combined a bit of warmth with conversation. It was nice to change into some dry clothes and start warming up.

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