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Distance: 14.8 miles Ascent: 2,864 ft. Moving time: 2:12 hours

I did a couple of mid-week rides in El Sereno OSP this week. We often ride here in the wet weather, so it has been a while since I have been here. Fortunately, Don was able to join me on one of these rides.

I explored a couple of trails that I had not previously ridden. Overlook is a short trail at the end of Overlook Road. There is not much parking on Overlook, so we parked in the residential area at the bottom of the hill and rode to the upper end of the road where there is a small gate on the right side. The trail is really a fireroad that based on the number of tire marks and footprints does not get too much use. The fireroad is a very easy ride that is also pretty as it rolls through the hillside forest. There is a very slight grade, but it quite appropriate for a young beginner. At the far end is a gate, a permit-only parking lot, another gate and an employee's house. There is a road beyond this but it is marked as private and "No Cyclists". This is a reasonable point to turn around and head back to Sheldon Road to the main trail.

Heading up the main Aquinas trail was nice. As it was mid-week, there was no one else on the trails. I did spot a mushroom (Amanita vaginata?) on the side of the trail. It seemed to have a mushroom shape on the crown and I thought it was interesting the way it had pushed up the leaves and twigs covering the edges of the trail.

About halfway up the Aquinas trail, I took the Serenity at the first major junction on the left side. This trail seems to be a PG&E service access route as it goes down to two of the high tension towers lower on the hill. There is a nice view of Lexington Reservoir from here, but otherwise it is not too notable.

Don and I rode to the top and did a bit of exploring on the top of Bohlman Road. We went to McGill Road, which Google Earth indicates will head downhill toward Sanborn Park. It was late in the afternoon, so we didn't explore this path this time.

The weather on Monday was overcast, breezy and cold so I was wearing two layers of everything. Today's ride was still cool (temperatures were between 52 and 60 on different parts of the trail), but I rode up in my "all seasons" gear (shorts and a jersey). There was no wind and it was sunny, so this seemed just right. I put on some tights and a jacket for the ride down. As usual, the ride down was fast and fun.

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