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El Sereno - December 5, 2010

Distance: 10.5 miles Ascent: 2,264 feet Moving time: 1:44 hours

It was partly cloudy and pretty warm (for December) at my house before the ride, but Don's iPhone app said rain was coming. This time it was right, but just barely. We caught a bit of rain on the way up, but it was a brief shower near the trailhead. As we continued up, the rain diminished and the wind picked up. I was warm enough in shirt sleeves, but I put my jacket on for the descent.

I continue to feel like a slug (like a sluggard, not like a bullet). I was slow on the way up. Slow but steady, but the emphasis on slow. It is surprising how fast one can lose conditioning, especially as the holidays set in. Sitting in a chair in front of a computer all week certainly doesn't help. I haven't motivated myself to get a trainer or go to a gym or anything else that would at least maintain my conditioning. I don't want to wake up at o-dark oclock and go out in the cold to do anything and it is dark and late when I get home. I'll just have to push though this phase and come out the other side to start getting back in shape and enjoying the rides more.

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