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El Sereno (Montevina) - March 22, 2009

Distance: 12.6 miles Ascent: 2407 ft. Moving time: 1:42 hours

It rained overnight and the forecast indicated possible rain in the morning, so we were back to El Sereno. Just for fun and to not over-stress Anna's still recovering knee, we tried yet another route to the top. Starting out in downtown Los Gatos, we rode along the Los Gatos Creek trail, passing lots of people out for a way. The only taxing part of this was the last climb up along the spillway (the previous route across the dam face is closed due to construction on a new drainage tunnel for the reservoir). We rode along the short trail that parallels Highway 17 to the Black Road overpass. This trail was a bit muddy with a few puddles. This allowed us to pack muddy into our knobbies for the following climb.

We ascended Montevina Road to the summit. This was the first time going up this way for the others. The vast majority is paved with an average grade of about 9.4%, though it seemed like less. The grade is much steeper (about 20%) at the end of the pavement. The weather varied from sunny to drizzly to cold and breezy as we ascended. We had a pretty good ride up. I felt pretty strong today.

We paused to reassemble at the gate at the end of the paved road, where we met another rider named Dave. We exchanged ideas on bikes and different trails, but decided to move on as we were getting chilled in the cool wind after the long climb up. We paused at the usual point to put on our jackets for the descent and Dave caught up with us again and came down the hill with us. We showed him the new route down La Mirada and he showed us a trail/path/road route that ends at the top of Main.

We finished of the ride with some coffee at Los Gatos Coffee Roasting. We saw some familiar faces (Sparky and Ram) there. Once again, it turned out to be a great day and everyone had fun.

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