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Don Edwards NWR - February 11, 2011

Distance: 13.9 miles Ascent: 187 feet Moving time: 0:57 hours

I went back to Don Edwards NWR for a quick after-ride work. The weather was just about right...comfortably cool with a slight breeze. This was intended to be a bit of training, so I did the entire ride in the big ring and a tall gear. It was nice but uneventful.

As I rode the last bit back to the car, I noticed how remarkably beautiful it was. The sun was setting with one of those sunsets where there are lots of yellows, lavenders and reds bouncing off of the hints of clouds in the sky. To make this even better, I was riding right next to some large shallow ponds. The air was still and the ponds were completely still without a wind ripple or a set of concentric rings from a bug landing. As a result, the ponds became giant mirrors, reflecting all the colors of the sky. It was just dark enough that the brush around the edges was low and dark, creating shadows between different pieces of a giant mirror that had fallen to the ground. It was one of those moments where you are in the right place at the right time and the overwhelming beauty that can be so nearby rushes through all of your normal cares and barriers to lift your spirit. I was glad I was there at the right time.

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