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Coe - November 14, 2010

Distance: 15.5 miles Ascent: 3,017 feet Moving time: 2:38 hours

The weather was great, so we headed down to Coe. Actually, I wasn't feeling that great and had a lot of work stuff to do but I went anyway hoping that the ride would help. The ride started fine with the usual climb up Coit Road, but I started to drag more and more as we got near the top. We continued on to Wasno Road, but rather that showing Mike our usual route (it was his first time to Coe), we headed down Dexter. This turned out to be a short but fun trail with a pretty nice downhill. At the bottom of Dexter, we turned left onto Grizzly which runs along and through a creek bed and eventually got us to Tule Pond.

After watching some turtles sunbathing on a log in the pond, we continued on to connect to Serpentine. Serpentine is hard on the best of days, but today I was a complete zero. Apparently I had left both my physical game and mental game at home. I had nothing. I was beat even walking up the trail. Sure, it is steep anyway but not that steep. The others were nice enough to wait for me at the top and consoled me with stories about how much they had walked. Right. They're good friends, but I knew they had been waiting a while.

After a bit of rest that allowed me to restore minimum mental functioning, we pushed over the top and hit a short stretch of fireroad before turning onto Middle Steer. We quickly adjusted from climbing to descending and headed down the trail. Perhaps it was good trail conditions or we have become a bit more experienced on this trail, but everyone commented that it has become a much easier descent than we remembered. We hit the bottom and took Hunting Hollow Road back to the parking lot. This was one of the few times that all of the creek crossings were dry.

We stop for a quick re-fueling at In and Out Burger in Gilroy and then headed for home. Still alive but probably not much wiser.

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