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Coe - November 8, 2009

Distance: 15.28 miles Ascent: 2989 feet Moving time: 2:08 hours

I took the crew to Henry Coe State Park to show them the trails we rode at the  2009 Coe MTBR Fall Circus since they had not attended. The weather has been too good to pass up this opportunity, so they agreed.

We rode the exact same route as the HCFC C/D ride: up Coit Road, along Wasno Road, down Tule Pond, along Grizzly Gulch to Serpentine, along Steer Ridge to descend on Middle Steer Ridge. I found the ride was easier and faster than last time, which is probably the result of knowing where I was going and what to expect. This was especially true on Middle Steer since I had a good idea of what was coming. I also lower my seat on Middle Steer this time which made quite a difference.

Anna found out that the "acorn tree" is created by the acorn woodpecker. The woodpecker inserts acorns into holes it finds or creates in dead trees or branches to save the acorns for later use. They find the right size hole to just fit the acorn. The woodpeckers even move the acorns to different holes as they dry and shrink. It is pretty interesting to find one of these trees.

The crew liked the new route and the great weather. They agreed it was a much easier ascent on Coit Road than Anza and Jackson and they liked the Middle Steer descent. We are hoping that Ken learned a lesson about proper nutrition before and during a ride and that jelly beans are not a good sports supplement alternative.

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