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Coe - May 16, 2010

Distance: 15.2 miles Ascent: 2,925 feet Moving time: 2:21 hours

My usual Sunday crew flaked on me. Don and Anna claimed to be going to the races. Ken wanted a day off. I heard that some of the Tuesday gang was going to Coe, so I decided to show up. Late. I was more than a minute or two late and I was hoping someone else would be dragging in late too. Fortunately, they had not left without me. Unfortunately, I was the first one there. Fortunately, Mark and Carli showed up a few minutes later. Unfortunately, we were the only ones to show up. Fortunately, we had a great ride.

Mark and Carli had not been to Coe before, so we went on a tried and true route: up Coit Road, along Wasno Road, down Tule Pond, up Grizzly and Serpentine and down Middle Steer. We held a pretty respectable pace up Coit and Wasno and made it to the top of Tule Pond without any issues. We dropped our saddles and headed down Tule Pond, a descent that both Mark and Carli enjoyed. We stopped for lunch at Tule Pond and enjoyed the wildflowers, the pond, and the turtles. The wildflowers were still there, but not nearly as abundantly as 3 weeks ago. The flowers were still there and the grass was long and green, but it is clearly getting to the end spring just before Coe dries out for the summer.

We did a combination of ride and "hike-a-bike" to the top of Serpentine, where we stopped to study the "acorn tree" (see Coe - November 8, 2009) and catch our breath. We pushed on to the top of Middle Steer where we had another snack and I reviewed the coming descent. After lowering our saddles again and building up our courage, we pointed our bikes downhill, let the brakes go (at least momentarily), and began our flight down the hill. I didn't see it, but I understand that Carli explored a poison oak bush on the way down. Hopefully a good rub down with Tecnu when she got home avoided problems.

After all of the climbing and descending, we had fun with the stream crossings on Hunting Hollow Road heading back to the parking lot. Since it was still spring, there was plenty of water in the stream. We charged through the stream crossings, splashing water everywhere as we went through. The cool water was very refreshing and the speed coming into the stream helped carry us through the deeper parts.

The three of us had a great ride. The temperature was just about right, the trails were in good condition, the wildflowers were still in bloom, the grass was green and the stream was cool. In a few weeks, Coe will be an oven and we won't be going there. But today was great. Too bad everyone else missed it!

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