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Coe - April 25, 2010

Distance: 17.0 miles Ascent: 3,183 feet Moving time: 2:37 hours

Today was a nice spring day. It rained earlier in the week and the forecast is for more rain in the coming week, but the weather was great today. We decided to visit Coe before the weather gets too hot.

We started from Hunting Hollow. In the parking lot we met a nice couple out for a bike ride who was asking for recommendations. We discovered that they usually ride at Shoreline but a "friend" had recommended Coe to them. They were planning to ride in long sleeve shirts, jeans and boots. After a bit of discussion, we suggested they would have more fun at Coyote Lake and they took off. We saw them driving around later and chatted again, but they had not started their ride.

We rode up Gilroy Hot Springs Road (paved) where we stopped to watch a small fox with a very bushy tail. We entered the park on Coit Road (dirt). After a bit of warm-up, we started climbing more seriously. We skipped Anza and Jackson trails and pushed on to Wasno Road. We then had a fun downhill on Tule Pond, which dropped us out in a field of yellow, purple and white wildflower at Tule Pond. Rather than just a few flowers, the ground was completely carpeted with colorful flowers. We had to stop to take it all in and snap a few pictures. We continued up Grizzly, bypassing Serpentine and climbing up Wagon. We stopped at the multi-way junction before deciding to head up Steer Ridge Road to the top of Middle Steer Ridge. This turned out to be only a 450 foot climb, but it seemed like more. We dropped our saddles again and headed down Middle Steer Ridge. This was a fun and fast descent! At the bottom, we crossed a shallow creek several times before getting back to the parking lot. Once my feet got wet, I decided not to worry about it and just charged through the creeks. It was fun!

It was a beautiful spring day. All the plants were green, lots of wildflowers were in bloom and the weather was great. The trail was lined with wildflowers pretty much the whole way, but the flowers at Tule Pond were spectacular. Everyone had a good time. We don't get many spring days like this!

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