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Canada del Oro Night Ride - September 10, 2010

Distance: 9.3 miles Ascent: 2,058 feet Moving time: 1:26 hours

Don and I got there just before sunset and signed in. By the time we hit the trail, the sun had just set and we were getting into dusk. Our timing was perfect. We held a pretty good pace up Mayfair to the trail junction. There were several spotted still showing recent gravel addition, some of which were quite loose. We did a quick regroup and pointed a first-timer in the correct direction before heading up Longwall nonstop to the summit. We stopped to admire the lights of San Jose, but even more impressive was the number of stars that were visible. The weather was clear and coolish and the moon had disappeared, so the stars were bright and the Milkyway was clearly visible. Don didn't want to cool off too much, so we headed back down the same way with basically no stops. The stars were probably more impressive from the parking lot since there were no other lights visible. We enjoyed the after-ride glow and the stars with a cold brew and a snack before heading home.

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