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Canada del Oro Night Ride - August 27, 2010

Distance: 9.30 miles Ascent: 2,042 feet Moving time: 1:20 hours

It was the first night ride of 2010 at Canada del Oro and it was a great evening to be riding. After intense heat earlier in the week, the weather turned out to be great for riding with a temperature of between 65F and 70F at the start and about 55F when we left at 10:30pm.

There wasn't too much to say about the ride itself. Up Mayfair and Longwall and the spur to the summit. We did this with only a short re-group at the trail junction. We stopped to take in the view and a snap a few pictures at the summit and then headed back down the same way we came up. It seemed like we held a reasonable pace on the climbs, but these were a bit more difficult than usual due to some very inconvenient sand and drainage rock that the park staff had deposited on the trails. The pictures turned out to be the most entertaining part of the ride.

We did see quite a few animals tonight. In addition to the usual bugs and bats, Don spotted an owl and Anna spotted a bobcat or feral cat kitten on the trail. We heard a deer walking through the brush nearby, but I couldn't see him.

I had some minor equipment problems. While the lights were problem-free, my GPS somehow got discharged and was useless. My Cateye has been a bit flakey lately and it didn't capture the entire ride. The tubeless rear tire also lost quite a bit of air and felt very squirrely at the end of the ride. None of these were enough to really impact the ride.

We finished off the ride with cold beer and Doritos...dinner of champions! It sure hit the spot!

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