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Canada del Oro - April 29, 2010

Distance: 11.8 miles Ascent: 2,513 feet Moving time: 1:53 hours

It rained some more up until yesterday. I was feeling tired and sluggish, but I thought I should ride anyway. With nice weather today and so many flowers out last ride, I decided to look for flowers again and headed to Canada del Oro.

I followed the "standard" route: up and down Mayfair, up Longwall, and along the top on Bald Peak. I retraced my steps on this path for the return, adding a loop around the paved Lagos Creek near the parking lot. The trails were in good condition and were moist in only a few places.

The highlights of the ride were the wildflowers. While not as dense as some of the fields at Coe, they were everywhere. I think I saw catchweed bedstraw, monkeyflower, cutleaf geranium, goldfields, dwarf plantain, dove's foot geranium, popcorn flower, purple owl's clover, linanthus, California lotus, lupine, zigzag larkspur, checkerbloom, blue dick, vetch, scarlet pimpernel, poppies, miner's lettuce, and blue witch. I don't know all of these names, but I recognize the pictures of Canada del Oro wildflowers.

This was definitely a "stop and smell the flowers" ride.

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