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Big Basin MBTB 2010 - May 28, 2010

Distance: 35.4 miles Ascent: 5,180 feet Moving time: 4:35 hours

Based on last year's ride, I rode the "May By The Bay" Big Basin ride that was listed in the MTBR NorCal forum. We followed the same route as last year: Gazos Creek, Chalk Road, Whitehouse Ridge, Whitehouse Canyon Road, Highway 1 north with a lunch break at the Gazos Grill, up Gazos Creek Road and Cloverdale, climb Butano Fire Road all the way to the top, then down Johansen, Middle Ridge and Gazos Creek.

I started the ride poorly by getting a my car tire just before I got to park headquarters. I put on the spare in the parking area, but this made me late and the group had already left (well behind schedule). I caught and passed a couple of stragglers before meeting the group at Sand Point.

Based on last year's ride, I decided to try a new strategy. I went with a slower pace and paid attention to hydration and calorie intake. I generally felt better in the first half of the ride. I was still tired in the second half of the ride, but it was better than last year. I brought peanut butter and jelly bagel sandwiches with me for lunch and a snack and these seemed to help. I managed to stay more in the middle of the pack rather than at the tail end like last year.

The weather was great. It was sunny and clear today, which was much better than the cold and fog we had last year while not being too hot. The trails were in great condition in spite of some recent rains.

We had a good time in the parking lot after the ride, sharing snacks, drinks and memories of how tired everyone was climbing up the hill.

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