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Alpine Road Night Ride - November 3, 2009

Distance: 15.87 miles Ascent: 2259 feet Moving time: 1:54 hours

Some friends invited me on a night ride on Alpine Road. They said that the combination of good weather and a full moon was not to be missed. They were right!

We started in Portola Valley and rode up Alpine Road to the end, went through the gate, and continued on the dirt. This was quite a bit of fun as we rode with minimal lighting. I thought, and several others also commented, that the climbs on the detour seemed easier than usual. This was a bit surprising since the amount of trail one could see was very limited by the lights and the uphill, twisty trail on the detour. It would have been nice to get a picture of one of the guys ahead of me in the glow of his light as he rode through the trees, but I knew that my camera would not have taken a good picture.

We did some other riding (remember the first rule of Fight Club) before returning to the cars. Riding by moonlight was great. I really enjoyed this ride as I felt strong and rode well, I generally like night rides, the great weather and trail conditions, and the nearly full moon. Everything seemed to be in alignment!

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