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Alpine Road - September 22, 2009

Distance: 14.66 miles Ascent: 2259 feet Moving time: 1:47 hours

I went for a nice mid-week ride up Alpine Road with my Tuesday night group. Starting at Willowbrook Road, we rode to the end of the paved road and regrouped before passing through the gate and onto the dirt. I made good time riding up the trail. I felt strong going up the "detour" singletrack, a big improvement on a section that that I used to have to walk parts of. We pushed on to Page Mill Road.

After a quick regroup, we headed up Page Mill Road to Russian Ridge and headed up to Borel Hill. I got a few good silhouette pictures as people crested one of the hills leading to the top. We re-assembled at on the hilltop to discover that we were interrupting a romantic evening picnic. A very nice couple was enjoying a bit to eat with a view of the full Bay Area when 20 mountain bikers suddenly showed up. After some pictures (some by us, some by them), we left them in peace and continued on the end of Ridge Trail and Rapley Road. It seemed like we got to the end in just a minute or two. We finished the ride with a quick tour of Windy Hill and returned to our cars.

The extended group, including lots of people who weren't able to make the ride, met at Pasta Q in Palo Alto for a post-ride dinner (Franco, one of the riders, is involved in the restaurant). It was great to see everyone and the food was excellent. There were even mountain biking videos on the large screen TV over the bar. A great time was had by all!

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