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Alpine Road - February 17, 2010

Distance: 15.7 miles Ascent: 2,702 feet Moving time: 2:04 hours

The weather was mid-60's in mid-February and I had to get out before the weather turned again. Fortunately, Jamey was thinking along the same lines and asked if I wanted to go. We headed to Alpine Road. The dirt road was still soft from the recent rains. When we got to the "bypass" it got trickier as our tires had a solid coating of mud, the soft dirt turned to soggy mud, some wet roots were added and it got steeper. Jamey made it all the way, but I spun my tires a few times. Back on the main fireroad, there were several boggy sections, including one that was too soft and too long to ride through. We both ended up pushing our bikes as a hiker came the other direction and had to slog through the same bog.

After finishing the climb a bit of higher speed riding on Page Mill Road to clear our tires, we entered Russian Ridge. We quickly climbed Ridged, Ancient Oak, Mindego and Ridge to the top of Borel Hill. We took the singletrack down along the ridgeline and followed Ridge all the way to the far end near Rapley Road before turning around. After a short detour, we headed down Crazy Pete's and Alpine, including all 3 bypass trails, before returning to the starting point.

A welcome refreshment at The Alpine Inn capped off a good ride!

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