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Canada Road

Canada Road is a paved road that is closed to vehicular travel a good part of the day on Sundays. This road runs through the country side from Edgewood Road to Highway 92, running parallel to Crystal Springs Reservoir (Canada Road is much longer and is quite ridable, but this is the only section that is closed on Sundays).

As you can see from the elevation profile, the climbs are gentle. The total ride distance was 8.4 miles. The well paved road, lack of cars, short distance, and easy terrain makes this a great place to introduce kids to bike riding beyond their driveway. As a result, there are lots of very young children (even training wheels) on Canada Road. It also seems to be a popular destination for an outdoors date activity. My youngest daughter found the ride quite manageable and she had quite a bit of fun with a few exploratory breaks tossed in (but this was a many years ago).

There is more information and pictures about this ride on the ChainReaction bike shop site.

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