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2009 Year in Review

Distance: 2,492 miles Ascent: 414,165 feet Moving time: 317 hours

In terms of mountain biking, 2009 was a banner year for me. I found that I had more time available due to my employment situation, so I made the most of it by riding more frequently. I had personal bests for number of rides, distance, ascent and riding time. My total ascent was well over twice my previous best while riding time was well under twice my previous record. I had personal best times on one of my Fremont Older routes, improving my average speed from 8.4 mph to 10.6 mph.

The increased riding put me in much better physical condition than in any previous year. Not only did I make it up Kennedy several times without stopping, I dropped my moving time by over 19 minutes (shows how slow I was!). I can also make it all the way up Ranch Road in Fremont Older which I never did before. Rides that were a death march before I can do now without too much of a problem. Several people commented on how much faster I am this year.

I had many memorable rides this year. There were many nice rides were I was the only person on trails and I got to enjoy the solitude or see animals that usually hide when more people are about. There were rides where I could feel the difference from the past because I was faster or not nearly as tired. Some of the rides that stand out include:

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