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The Calaveras Wall

In spite of living here for a long time, I had only driven up Calaveras Road a few times and never ridden it...until today.

I decided to ride around Calaveras Reservoir (see the location report for all the details). The big item on this route was "The Calaveras Wall" as you climb up from Evans Road, past the Felter Road junction and to the top near the reservoir.  According to my GPS, it was only a 14% grade but it certainly felt like more. Road gearing made this a lot harder than trying to do it with mountain bike gearing.

I was pleased with myself for making it. After the ride, I discovered that this route was the first part route on Day 3 of the 2015 Amgen Tour of California. For a moment, I allowed myself to feel like a racer for having conquered the same hill while conveniently forgetting that they also had to climb up the back side of Mount Hamilton later in the ride.

My "racerdom" was short lived when I looked at a video of the pros climbing the hill (this is after the Felter Rd. junction as they are climbing the steepest part). The guys are the front are really moving fast. Even the guys at the very back were doing much better than me.  I managed not to go under 4 mph, so I wasn't in danger of falling over. I also wasn't in danger of winning the Tour of California. 

Maybe next year!

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