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My Gilroy Century

My mountain bike is in the shop and I have been getting some road time in and enjoying it. I recently did long rides in Pacifica and Felton and wanted to see if I could still make 100 miles. Since there weren't any handy organized centuries, I created my own ride to Gilroy.

Most organized century rides start early so the weather is cool and the traffic is minimal.  Since I organized this, it didn't start early. Even my early target start time got pushed back when my wife came up with some tasks to be done before I left. At any rate, I was able to get going mid-morning.

To make this fun, I tried to add sections and routes that I haven't ridden previously. Key new additions included:

  • Coyote Creek Trail
  • Farm roads in San Martin and Morgan Hill
  • Uvas Park Levee path in Gilroy
  • Southern end of Santa Teresa Blvd
  • Calero Creek Trail and Los Alamitos Creek Trail

I rode at a solid by not racing pace. I think this helped a lot because I wasn't focused on just making it back on the last third of the ride. This ride also didn't have a tremendous amount of climbing which also helped.

One of the down-sides of leaving late is the afternoon winds kicked up a bit. It seemed like I was riding against the wind most of the way back. It wasn't a super heavy wind, but it was noticable and I had to account for it on some of the fast descents.

I had a good lunch at the Super Tacqueria in Gilroy. Tacos and a cold drink hit the spot and the price was right. I also took the opportunity to refill my water bottles (with some ice) there.

I suppose the downsides were I didn't get a nice T-shirt or jersey, I had to order my own lunch, I had to figure out the route on the fly (including a few misturns) and the lack of snacks along the way. The benefits were I got to pick the route, take a break whereever I wanted and I got to set the starting time (after my wife's chores were done).

All in all, it was a pretty good ride. I got to ride several paths and roads I hadn't been on before. Even better, I felt pretty good and was still alive when I got home. I got in just over my 100 mile goal, so its all good!

I still got it!

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