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Devil's Slide Ride

I participated in a charity benefit ride. Starting in Pacifica, the ride headed south on Highway 1, up Tunitas Creek and down Kings Mountain Road, out Canada Road and Skyline and returned to Pacifica.

There were a few notable "points of interest" on the ride:

  • We rode a short section actually on Interstate 280! This felt a bit odd, but this was the official signed course. We basically went from one on-ramp to the next exit.
  • The Devil's Slide Trail was nice. This was the old Highway 1 route through Devil's Slide before the tunnel was built. It was a nice ride knowing that there was no car traffic to be concerned about.
  • This was the first time I had ridden on Tunitas Creek Road. While this is a popular road bike route, I had not done it before. It is a very pretty ride through the redwood forest, but it is a pretty good climb. I knew this ahead of time, but it was a pretty good pull up to the top.

This was a pretty fun ride. High points were:

  • Very scenic coastal route including the Devil's Slide trail that was previously a section of Highway 1.
  • Very pretty climb up Tunitas Creek through the redwood forest
  • Several fast sections
  • Easy registration and good pre-ride communications
  • Well organized event (check-in, parking, food, etc.)
  • Well marked routes
  • The organizers were friendly and well prepared
  • Nice T-shirt
  • Great weather

To be fair, there were a few items to be improved:

  • The 6:30 AM start time. I understand and appreciate the need to start early to minimize traffic issues for both riders and cars, but a 6:30 start time means I have to leave home by 5:00 AM and have to get up even earlier. Ouch!
  • The start was not near the check-in point and there weren't clear announcements about when to go (probably my fault)
  • The bike number left a bunch of sticky residue on my top tube

All in all, this was a very fun ride. I'll have to do it again in the future.

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