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Journey to Felton

I thought I would explore a new route and figured I had never been on some of the mountain roads over the summit, so I mapped out what looked like a "do-able" route to Felton on Google Maps and gave it a try. It sas a good ride with a few bits of interest thrown in.

The route went up Old Santa Cruz Highway, up and over Mountain Charlie Road, through Felton, Ben Lomand and Boulder Creek and home via Highway 9. See the Felton location description for more details.

There were a few things that made this ride notable:

  • Climbing up Old Santa Cruz Highway I notice that one of my water bottles had disappeared. I have no idea where I lost the freebie water bottle, but it wasn't worth backtracking for it. It was in cage that allows the bottle to come out sideways...I am going to have to replace that cage with a better one.
  • It was sunny and starting to warm up when I left. When I got to Scotts Valley, it was 20 degrees cooler, foggy and misting. If I had not been pushing things a bit, it might have been cold.
  • I took a short break at Saratoga Gap before heading down. I think this was a good idea since I was going over 40 mph in some sections and really needed to have my wits about me (such as they are).
  • There was road construction at the entrance to the Savannah-Chanelle Winery that requires a stoplight. There was a line of cars, but I went to the side of them and to the front of the line behind 3 motorcyles and a minivan. When the light turned green, I followed the motorcycles and the minivan. I stayed right behind the minivan all the way down the hill and into Saratoga village. I was even slowing down to stay behind them. As a result, no one was upset that I was riding in the middle of the lane. Fortunately, I was holding a pretty good pace (and they were going slow).
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