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The Flow has been Discovered

The new Flow Trail at Soquel Demonstration Forest (SDF) has been discovered. Everyone seems to be flocking to it to see what the excitement is about.

The word has gotten out about how fun this trail is and everyone is out riding it. There are really fast young guys flying down and those with more skills and nerve heading down at a more "safe and sane" pace.

I have never seen so many cars parked at Demo. The upper parking lot was full with cars parked all around the outside and double row in the middle. Cars were also parked below and above the bridge for hundreds of yards on Highland Way. In spite of all the cars, the trails generally didn't feel "over full" though there were clearly a lot of people out there.

The Flow Trail has been in development for a while and sections of it have been opened over the last few months. Recently, the whole trail from Ridge to Hihns Mill has been completed and opened. This trail is a smooth, fast descent, dropping 1200 feet in 2.9 miles through a series of banked singletrack bermed turns. It is kind of like being on a roller coaster on a long downhill ride.

You still have to ride up to the top and then along Ridge Trail to get the the top of the Flow Trail (the trail head is well marked and near the picnic table between Braille and Tractor). On the way up, I saw several people that didn't look like regular riders since they were wearing jeans and tennis shoes as they pushed their biked up the first fire road climb. I think that Ridge and Flow are still beyond that skill level and the climb out on Hihns Mill will be tough for those who don't ride regularly.

The trail was great and we had a good time. It seems like everyone else did too!

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