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The Long Way to Demo

I have found the long way to get to get to Soquel Demonstration Forest (SDF). I went there and never got on the trails.

Due to my failure to replace a pair of shoes that was destroyed last week by some excessive hike-a-bike at Grant and some friends bailing out a the last minute, I decided to do a road ride instead.

I got an early start to avoid the heat and headed up Highway 9 to the junction with Highway 35 (Skyline). At the junction, I still had a lot in me so I turned south. This is a nice route that I had done once before, so I decided to do it again and headed out to Summit Road. Rather than heading back, I kept heading out Summit to Highland and up to Soquel Demo Forest and all the way to the top at the Buzzard Lagoon junction where mountain bikes leave the pavement and head up the dirt. There were many cars parked at the steel bridge at the entrance to the SDF parking lot, but I didn't see anyone actually on their bike. Since I was on my road bike, I did even think about heading out on any of the trails.

Because it has been pretty hot, I decide the Buzzard Lagoon junction was a good place to turn around. I think this was the first time I had ever ridden down Highland Way from Buzzard Lagoon to SDF. This section was a lot more exciting on a road bike because the road is in pretty back condition with lots of cracks, bumps and potholes. I might not notice these too much on a full suspension mountain bike but the high pressure tires and rigid frame of the road bike provided a much different experience.

The ride back was pretty uneventful. It was fun riding down Old Santa Cruz Highway in the shade of the redwoods. I went around Lexington Reservoir on Alma Bridge Road.

This was definitely the long way to get to Demo and would have seemed even longer if I had tried in on my mountain bike!

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