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Back on the Clock

My normal Sunday mountain bike ride fell through at the last minute. Having nothing else to do, I hopped on the road bike to see how much of a ride I was up for. It turned out to be a pretty good ride.

It has been a quite a while since I did a long road ride. I have been doing some road rides and bike commuting at least once a week, so the road bike hasn't been gathering dust, but it was several months since I had done a longish ride. There was no particular reason for this other than schedule conflicts and general laziness.

I headed up the peninsula to see how far I felt like going. I was holding a good but not stupendous pace and the miles ticked by. Cupertino, Los Alto, Palo Alto, Woodside and Redwood City flew by until I got to Ralston Avenue in Belmont. I headed up the hill past Waterdog when we went mountain biking recently and on up to the top. This climb was rewarded with a fast downhill followed by an easy climb up to Crystal Springs. Rather than riding on what looked to be a very crowded Sawyer Camp Trail, I opted to stay on the road and head up Skyline. I took this to the apparent end where it seemed to end in an on ramp onto the interstate. I decided I didn't need to be on the freeway and didn't bother to look at a map that would have shown a detour to get back to Skyline. This was a reasonable place to turn around anyway. I came back on Skyline and Canada Road, which was closed to car traffic, Mountain House, Portola Road, Alpine and Arastradero.

It was fun to feel and hear the air rushing past and being much less sweaty than a mountain bike ride. Most of the ride was solo, which was both a positive and a negative since I got to ride at my own speed but didn't have anyone to push me in the places where I should have been pushed.

The ride ended up being about 73 miles and a bit of 4.5 hours. Back to being on the long distance clock!

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