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Bike to Work

It seems like most years I completely ignore Bike to Work day. I get too busy, early meetings, late meetings or just not in the mood. This year was different.

This year I decided I would do it. This was going to be all city streets, so the road bike was choice. I prepped everything by taking a change of clothes and a towel to work the day before and then leaving the computer at work. This was a good start.

On Thursday, the offical day, I got up a bit early and hit the road after the usual prep work. I was traveling light, so no backpack and all the essentials had to go in my jersey pockets. This was a new route that I hadn't explored other than on Google Maps, so I made a few minor wrong turns but nothing major. I was able to hold a pretty good speed riding along with traffic and then hit the car-free San Tomas Aquino pathway. This was fast and had undercrossing for the major streets, so I made very good time. The ride took as long as some of my car commutes!

I took a different route back. The route was a bit straighter, but lacked the bike paths, had more traffic and a lot more stop lights. It also had more evidence of road construction, including a ditch that had not been filled that resulted in a snake-bite flat. I still made pretty good time, but the other route was better.

Overall, this was a good experience. I got to work without the car-associated hassles and I got 2 rides in. I think the most important thing was that I felt better the rest of the day as a result of the morning ride in. I am going to do this again, even when it is not Bike to Work day!


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