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Leave Well Enough Alone

I need to learn to leave well enough alone. Instead of taking a perfectly good "rain day" excuse, I went riding with a long climb anyway.

It has been raining the last several days and the forecast had been for more rain today. Indeed, this morning opened with drizzle and a clear view that is was raining higher up in the mountains. After a chat with the others, we agreed to take a rain day and just relax.

It never did rain more. Later in the afternoon, everyone at home headed out on errands so I decided I should go out and turn the cranks a bit just to stay loose. I set out without much of a plan other than to ride on the road for a bit without pushing very hard. This plan didn't hold very long as I got down to Saratoga village and headed up the hill on Bohlman Road, On Orbit and back to Bohlman to get to the top of the mountain. This is a 2,000 foot road climb in about 4.5 miles with extended sections at 13-15% grade.

Once to the top, I decided I may as head down on the dirt. This was fun, though slower than usual due to several soggy sections that might have resulted in a spill if taken a too high a speed. I suppose this made up for some of the effort expended to get to the top.

This seems to be a common theme for me the right thing rather than the smart thing. It seems like the smart thing would be to take advantage of the rain day, watch a movie and take a nap. Instead, I slog up a long hill with all my gear. I need to wise up!

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