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Saved by Her Rack

It is odd but true. This is the story of a great ride that was saved by a woman's rack.

The great weather and a sense of absence sent us back to Pogonip for a bit of the sweet singletrack. We packed our gear and 3 bikes on the roof of a Mini and set out for what promised to be a great ride. Bev, a new friend, met us at a Starbucks in Los Gatos where we made a few adjustments to the roof rack on the Mini before we headed out to the highway.

This is when started not working too well. I noticed that the rain gutter clip on my side of the car seemed loose, so we pulled over to the side of Highway 17 and allowed Don to tighten things back down. Once it was solid, we made our way back onto the highway. We made it as far as the summit before the Mini's rack was dangerously loose again.

At this point our luck changed and we were saved by Bev's rack! More precisely, we were saved by the fact that she had a 2 bike rack on top of her car and plenty of room inside to hold 2 more bikes. All of the bikes ended up in or on Bev's car and the problem was solved.

This was a very fortuitous solution because it turned out to be a great ride. The weather was nearly perfect and the trails were in good condition. We did most of our favorites trails on both sides of Empire Grade before we headed back for some post-ride tacos and beer. Bev (and the rest of us) had a great time.

We were lucky to be saved by Bev's rack! wink

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