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Uvas Reservoir Road Ride

My second ride on my new Trek Madone was out and around Uvas Reservoir. This was a good opportunity to get out and let the new bike move and feel the difference between a big mountain bike at a light nimble road bike. It was also an opportunity to test myself and see how much I had in me.


Park: Uvas Reservoir  Road Ride
Date: July 20, 2013
Distance: 65.8 miles
Ride Time: 4:10
Total Ascent: 2,930 feet
Maps: Uvas Reservoir Road Ride
Overall Rating: 5

The main streets on the route were:

  • Los Gatos - Almaden Road
  • Santa Teresa Blvd/Hale Ave
  • Monterey Road
  • Watsonville Road
  • Uvas Road/McKean Ave
  • Almaden Expressway
  • Camden Ave
  • Saratoga-Los Gatos Road

The route heads south through San Jose, Morgan Hill and part of San Martin before heading out of town to ride past Uvas and Calero Reservoirs. Much of the ride is flat until you head out around Uvas and a slightly steeper hill just before Calero, but everything is quite manageable.

I felt pretty good and held a pretty good pace for a beginner on a long ride. I ran out of gas a bit on a small climb on Camden, but made good speed on Saratoga-Los Gatos Road.

This was a fun ride that allowed me to start really learning about my bike and think about the differences between road cycling and mountain biking. I also got to learn a bit more about my bike than I intended when I got a pinch flat just before Uvas Reservoir. Fortunately, this was easily and quickly repaired (replaced) and I picked up where I left off.

I surprised myself that I rode 66 miles (100 km) on my second outing. The only stop I really made was to replace the tube, so I seem to have some endurance. This was very encouraging and gave me the sense that I could go farther.

This was not a get ride in terms of most of the scenery, but it was a fast ride with few stop lights. I'll have to do more of this!

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