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A Rocky Finish

At the end of the year I had a day to head out to Red Hills for a bit of riding. This could have been a very risky proposition if the weather had not been cooperating, but it was unusually warm (mid-60s) making for a great ride on these rocky trails.

It had been some time since I had visited Red Hills but I remembered that it was pretty rocky. Once I hit the trails, memories of how rocky it is came back and were reinforced by the current trail conditions. In small sections it was smooth singletrack with occasional rocks. In other more numerous sections, there were larger rocks surrounded by embedded smaller rock that you have to go over or around. In other sections (typically up or down), the trail seemed to be synonomous with a creekbed with two or three layers of loose rock that created quite a challenge.

These trails provided lots of interesting riding, between detailed navigation through the obstacles, timing of pedal strokes to minimize the number of strikes and adjusting gearing to handle some of the short, steep and loose climbs. There were very few trees or shade, but there was plenty of sharp brush next to or over the trail to keep things lively.

This was a lot of fun. I didn't seen anyone else on the trails all day, so it was an opportunity to get in a little "me time".

For more details, see the Red Hills page or look at the Consolidated Trail Map.

By the way, I hit 16,000 miles total distance and 2,440,000 feet total ascent with this ride.

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