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Back on the Bike

After a bout of illness, I made back onto the bike and hit the road to see if I could still do it. I am glad to report that there are no long-term effect of my illness.

Last weekend I came down with what was apparently a stomach flu. Very nasty! It had been a while since I was that sick. I had a bout of food poisoning about 20 years ago and this was on a similar level. I thought this might have been food poisoning too until I discovered that 4 other people at work and 2 others in one guy's family had exactly the same symptoms at exactly the same time. The weird thing was we hadn't all eaten or had drinks together. Whatever it was, it was quite virulent and very bad.

Today was the first day to riding again and I hit the road to try things out. After getting past a bit of initial stiffness, things felt good. I ended up going up to Highway 92 and the up Old La Honda Road and a bit of exploration in Los Altos Hill. I knocked about 2:30 off of my previous time up Old La Honda Road, so I guess I was feeling OK!

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