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Coe Exploration

It had been a while since we headed to Coe. With good weather and good trail conditions, it seemed like time to head back and check out some of the trails we haven't explored in the past.

We started from the Hunting Hollow entrance and warmed up with a ride to the end of the road. Though it was warm elsewhere, it was chilly on the road since it was in a shaded canyon and the temperature was still around 48 degrees. Once we hit the dirt on Coit Road, it started to warm up.

My plan had been to hit Grapevine, but somehow I road past the junction. We rode on up the hill to Coit Spring. I thought we had done a lot of the climbing, but this turned out to be less than half way up the initial climb. From Coit Spring, we also rode Cattle Duster, Domino Pond and Elderberry Spring up to Jackson Road. A quick ride along Jackson and Wasno Road brought us to Dexter for a fast descent. This took us to Grizzly Gulch and a nice ride along a creek. There were a few places to cross, but they were just dry rock due to the lack of rain. We stopped for a short break at Tule Pond, but there were no visible turtle at this time of year.

The trail between Tule Pond and Serpentine has been graded fairly recently and is much easier to ride than it used to be. Serpentine is still as steep as it used to be. We never hit this trail when we are fresh and there are a few sections that just don't seem to be worth the effort to try to ride up at that point in the ride.

Once we got to the top, we headed out Steer Road, bypassing our usual Middle Steer descent and continued down the road. After a bit more hill climbing we got to our target: the Jim Donnelly Trail. This trail has been and still is under construction for some re-routing. The top is nearly completed but is still signed as closed, the the rest of the trail was done. Rather than a fast, straight shot down the mountain like Middle Steer, Jim Donnelly is a more gradual ride with quite a few switchbacks. We all agreed that this was a great trail and was actually a more enjoyable ride. The bottom of the trail has also been re-routed (not shown on the map handouts or the map posted on the sign board) to switchback down basically into the parking lot.

This was a good ride due to the great weather. There was quite a bit of climbing involved and some of it was too steep to be worth trying to ride. However, the Jim Donnelly Trail was a great find.

By the way, I set new personal weekly bests for both distance and total ascent this week. It is unusual to set PRs in two categories in the same week.

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