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Old La Honda Road

I have finally done a road ride up Old La Honda Road and had a great time. This was a nice change of pace for a riding heading toward Woodside.

Heading north on Portola Road, pass through the town of Portola Valley and take a left turn onto Old La Honda Road. This immediately takes you into the redwoods and starts climbing up the hill. As with many road climbs, the climb is not all that steep but keeps going. However, Old La Honda is different in that it is so pretty. It alternates between redwood forests and oak forests with a few fancy houses along the way. It is pretty easy to find your gear and stick in it for quite a ways up the hill. I think I saw a single car on the entire climb.

At the top, it hits Skyline (Highway 35). One could cross the highway and head down the other side, but I haven't explored that yet. Instead, I headed north on the highway. After a short, easy climb, the road turns downhill for a fast descent to Alice's Restaurant at La Honda Road (not Old, aka Highway 84) in Sky Londa.

I zipped up my jacket, let a truck and a car go by and headed down. This was a lot of fun as there was no traffic behind me and I took the lane and went down fast. This was pretty fun because most of the turns were not too sharp and had good sight lines. At the bottom of the hill there is a basically flat ride into Woodside where you can stop for a break if you are so inclined.

I really enjoyed the climb through the redwoods. I'll have to do some more exploring.

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