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Windy Excursion

It had been a long time since I had done the Windy Hill climb and the others were looking for something new so we headed out to Windy Hill for our first 2013 ride after switching back to standard time.

We entered at the Willowbrook entrance and rode the lower portion of Spring Ridge Trail to the main parking lot and back just so we could see what it was like and to say we had done it once. After this brief warmup, it as time to start climbing.

The ride up Spring Ridge alternates between "flat" (3-6% grade) and steep (up to 21% grade) sections. It is a fire road that is in good condition, so it there was plenty of room to navigate around the numerous hikers that were out today. In spite of the climb, we made pretty good time to the top.

We couldn't take too long to bask in our glory as it was cool and windy (what a surprise!) at the top. We headed south and then got onto Highway 35 to Rapley Road where we entered Russian Ridge from the "far" end. We rode the entire length of Ridge Trail to the main Russian Ridge parking lot.

A short ride on Page Mill Road brought us to the top of Alpine Road. As we re-grouped, two gals headed through the gate ahead of us and were off like a shot. I was a bit behind them and the three of us flew down the length of Alpine Road. The crisp air and the speed made for an exhilarating ride! Ken and Don hit the bottom with huge smiles on their faces.

After a quick ride down the paved Alpine Road, we headed to the Amigo Grill for our post ride fare. We had a great time.

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