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Toughing it Out

I mentioned a previous ride out to and around Uvas Reservoir to a friend and work and he quickly helped put together a ride for the next day. I shared the details of the ride and even though it was a bit more than he usually rides he was very enthusiastic.

Early the next morning a group of five assembled and headed out on a route only I had ridden before. We made a good time as we rode through some of the larger streets in suburban San Jose but it became clear that each of us was riding a different speed.

We made our way out to Morgan Hill, where we stopped for a morning snack and a bit of chit chat. Finally, well after their bagel sandwiches were eaten, we headed out toward the far end of the ride.

Uvas road is a country road with no stops, no turns and a few hills. The agreement was that we would all ride at our own speed and re-group at the Harry Road junction. This was the point that fatigue started setting in for some of the riders. Everyone pushed on and made it to the junction for a bit of rest, but it was clear that some were dragging.

We did a minor re-route to eliminate a few hills and began the ride back to our starting point. We were rolling along and making sure everyone was accounted for. We had one tired rider and one who had a tire that wouldn't hold air long, but he hoped it would get by with a few refills rather than replacing the tube. Things were going well until the tire rider got leg cramps. He pressed on after a bit of hydration and salt, but the cramps came back. He walked a bit, but then finished off the ride in good form.

Rather than highlighting the problems, I noted his courage. Here was a rider that typically rides up to 20 miles at a casual pace to get coffee. For this ride, he took on a much bigger challenge in terms of distance, speed and ascent. He gutted it out without complaint and pushed through fatigue and discouragement. He seemed surprised when I pointed out that the had just completed his first metric century! He should be proud of his achievement...I am.

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