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Go with the Flow

The crew headed to Tamarancho to ride Endor, the new flow trail, and see what the fuss was about. We now understand!

We started the ride with our usual clockwise route: up Alchemist, Goldman, Wagonwheel, and B-17. We made pretty good time on these trails and enjoyed to challenges presented by the roots, rocks and switch backs.

Things got interesting as we climbed the B-17 Extension trail. It was clear that there was some new trail work on this trail and there was a hint of a new trail nearby. About half way up B17 Extension we came to the junction of Endor, the new flow trail. We didn't know quite what to expect so we checked our gear and made sure everything was tightened down in its proper place before pushing off onto the new trail. Near the top there was a nice bermed turn, some whoop dee doos followed by a left hand bermed turn which required a cross over the top of the exit berm onto the trail. This was oddly constructed and I missed it the first time. This was the only odd thing on the trail. There were lots of tight bermed turns, whoop dee doos, a couple of minor banked wooden turns and lots of grins. I was able to keep a pretty good pace through all of this.

When I got to the bottom there was a small group of riders that were laughing that everyone that came off the trail had a huge smile on their face. They were right. It was totally fun and unlike any other trails in the area. It was different, fun and a bit of a challenge that made it something special. We liked it so much that we looped back up B-17 and B-17 Extension to do it two more times.

I would like to thank and congratulate the team that built this trail. It clearly required some planning and some work and it was clear that there was on-going maintenance being performed. Nice job! I would also like to thank the Boy Scouts for their vision of what could be and the courage to allow it to be done.

We finished off the ride taking Broken Dam back to Goldman and down Alchemist.

As with all good ride, it was properly finished off with food and drink. We went to the Iron Spring Brewery for a good lunch and a different beverage for each.

The new flow trail certainly made the long trip to Tamarancho worthwhile.

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