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I'm Bi-Bicycle

I have officially become bi-bicycle. In addition to my mountain bike, I have broken down and purchased a road bike. It is very different and quite a bit of fun.

After looking at and riding a few bikes, I found a good price on a Trek Madone 5.2. It is light and fast. Really light and really fast by comparison to the mountain bike. It is all carbon, skinny tires, aerodynamic...kind of like a greyhound on wheels.I can get going more than 20 mph and hold it for quite a while (and not just on the downhill!). I suddenly understand about cadence and why it is important on the road. It is a lot of fun to hit a good clip and keep moving with the air rushing by. I can ride for several hours at a stretch and still feel pretty good, though I have not done too many serious hill climbs yet.

The benefits come at a cost. I really have to pay more attention to the road and every little pebble, crack or twig because you really feel each of them. All this stuff I would roll over on the mountain bike without noticing it now really catches my attention. Of course, there is traffic to watch for but that has not been too much of an issue yet. I got flats on my first two rides and was concerned that this was to be the norm, but I have been flat-free since then. Climbing big hills is a lot harder due to the difference in gearing but is partially compensated for by the fact that bike weighs about half as much as the mountain bike. I made it up Montebello Road with some effort, but it turned out to be pretty fast compared to the mountain bike.

I have had the bike for about a month and already I have set new personal bests for distance and average speed. I suppose this is not too surprising given the different design goals for the bikes, but it still nice to have some new personal bests. I find that I am in pretty good shape from the mountain biking. I easily pass the more casual road riders and seem to be about the same speed as the faster ones (though I am sure the truly fast aren't riding were I have been riding so it is a false comparison). Nevertheless, it is fun to imagine that I am really fast.

All in all, it has been a fun addition to my biking. I am still mountain biking almost as much as before, but now I have been adding some road rides. It has added some new interests and has the opportunity to allow me to explore new rides, set some new goals and add some more personal bests.

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