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I Can Climb Again!

After losing some weight, I have discovered that I can climb again! I have been climbing sections that were difficult without too much problem. I am able to climb faster and longer, making the rides much more enjoyable.

In many ways, it is reminiscent of everyone's early days of riding. Hills seemed impossibly long and steep and couldn't be ridden. Over a little time and some conditioning, one discovered that these hills could be ridden and survived.

I have also gotten faster on less strenuous rides. There is a short training loop I do in Fremont Older when I am short on time and I set a new personal best on speed and time by quite a good margin.

Long hills have always been difficult for me.  They still are but are now less difficult and I don't feel as dead as I used to. It is amazing how tiring it is to carry all that extra weight!

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