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The Dark Side Beckons

I went on a road ride today with some friends from work and had a pretty good time. While I was the only on on a real mountain bike, I was able to get in about 50 miles in 100 degree heat and still have a good time.

The everyone assembled in Sunnyvale and rode back roads up to San Mateo. We had planned to go all the way to Millbrae, but between a closed road and one or two people running out of gas (not me), we decided to detour to San Mateo instead. After a bit of lunch, we got on Caltrain and head back to the Mountain View station to finish the ride.

This was a pretty fun ride. Part of it was that I seemed to be in better shape than some of the other riders but it was nice to get out and "open it up" for a more extended period than is possible on mountain trails. It was nice having the air moving past me on a pretty continuous basis without having the huge climb to get to that point. The ride through Portola Valley and Woodside was particularly nice.

I was able to cover quite a bit of distance. The total ride (excluding the train ride) was a bit over 50 miles and my average speed was quite a bit higher than on a mountain trail. I could have definitely gone another 12 miles to make it to a metric century even though it was hot. In spite of being on the road, there was still about 2,700 feet of climbing throughout the ride but being spread out over a much longer distance and not having it all in one continuous climb made a big difference.

Is the dark side calling me?

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