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Solitary Unconfinement

I have been trying to get out a bit more, so this has meant more riding by myself after work. When my crew all had different plans I decided to get in a nice ride at Canada del Oro by myself. This turned out to be very pleasant.

Since I was riding alone, I held a reasonable pace but not too fast. This gave me a chance to take in all of the trailside sights that are usually lost as I suffer a long, hard climb up a mountain or a fast descent. This meant that I took some time to look at the variety of wildflowers that were in bloom.

It also meant that when I reached the picnic table near the top of Longwall Canyon I was able to take several minutes to enjoy the the soft breeze and watch as it formed waves as it blew through the grass. It was quite relaxing and I really enjoyed just being there by myself. The wildflowers were particularly dense along the top of the mountains as I headed over to the top of Catamount and I stopped a few times to look at them more closely.

I also took time to stop along the creek. There was no water running, so I just listened to the birds and the insects and with wind gently rustling the trees. I closed my eyes and just listened to the sounds of the forest.

At another point, I stopped for a breather on the way up a long hill and paused to watch turkey vultures flying nearby. There were several of these large birds just floating on the thermals. I don't think any of they flapped their wings the entire time I watched them. It looked so effortless and fun.

It was not one of my faster rides at Canada del Oro but that was not really the goal of this ride. Mountain biking is not always about speed or endurance.

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