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Taking Time to Smell the Wildflowers

I nipped out of work a bit early for an early evening ride at Arastradero by myself. After some light rain the weather was nice and the time seemed right to hear my tires roll over a bit of singletrack. This ride was just what the doctor ordered.

Since I was by myself, there was no one to race and no time table to meet other than finishing before it was dark. This meant I set my own pace, going hard where I felt like it and stopping to snap pictures or watch a hawk hover in the air and then swoop down on something in the grass.

The recent rain resulted in everything being in growth mode. All of the plants were young and short and very green. The tree was sprouting new leaves. Turkeys, deer, rabbits and birds were all out and about their business with little concern for me as I rolled by.

The natural beauty and peace on this ride was in sharp contrast to the daily rush and pressure of the high tech world literally only a few miles away. This ride helped me keep things in balance and perspective.

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