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Can't Blame the Equipment Now

I think my recent spate of repairs has finally been completed. I got out a bit to test the new equipment on a real ride and everything seems to be working as it should be. It was great to be rolling down the trail again.

I started with simple fixes and it ended up being much more than I expected. I solved the problem of annoying creaking sounds by replacing all of the suspension pivot bearings. After looking at the original parts, it is not too surprising that it was creaking. The new pivots have eliminated this problem.

What started as a simple brake bleed turned into a new set of front and rear brakes and larger rotors (203 mm in front and 180 in the rear). This upgrade was necessitated by a failed master cylinder on the front lever which was going to cost almost as much as new brakes and take a lot longer (parts are no longer available since this model had been discontinued). The new XT brakes are a big improvement and have a lot more stopping power that the original ones. I am still making some adjustments to having brakes that work, but I'll get there.

So I now have all of this new equipment that allows me to roll silently through the forest and stop when I want to. I kind of wonder if I should have just gotten a new bike instead, but I suppose that I have parts I could transfer over if I wanted.

Now that all of the equipment is working, I will have to find a new excuse to explain why I am so slow!

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