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No Bike Blues

I haven't been on the bike enough lately. I suppose that is to be expected during January, especially in the face of other people's resolutions to get back in shape. It seems like a lot of factors beyond myself have conspired against me getting time in on my bike.

I will admit that my phenomenal lack of conditioning has put a bit of a damper on my riding enthusiasm lately. My training program consisted largely of working on a computer too many hours a day, topped off with holiday meals. Not a good start.

Like me, my bike is getting old and creaky. Things seem to be getting worn. Little things like brakes seem to stop working.

I had looked at all the "usual suspects" on the creaking noises that were being generated on each pedal stroke. In December, I finally took it to the shop to let them fix it. They may several little adjustments but for some reason they couldn't hear it and could not find the source. I was developing a cold and cough when I picked it the bike up, and the cough lasted into January, keeping me off the bike and pretty stationary.

I January, I was back on the bike and the creaking was still there. To add insult to injury, I was "just riding around" and the front brake stopped working. It was a bit concerning when I grabbed a handful of brake lever and pulled it all the way to the grip with no change in speed! Time to head back to the shop.

Since it was going to be in the shop, I had them replace all the suspension pivots. This was a good idea as most of them were no longer working properly. This may have solved the creaking problem.

They also noted that the brake rotors were worn and needed to be replaced. I knew this was true and decided it would be a good idea to step up the front rotor to 203mm. They didn't have the adapter or the rotor in stock, The adapter is apparently a relatively rare 51 IS to 51 IS size (most are post mounts on the fork side now), but I was able to locate an adapter and the larger rotor. Unfortunately, the Shimano 51 IS to 51 IS adapter is not the right size for a Pike fork and a Magura Marta brake caliper.

The bike headed back to the shop while I sang another verse of the "No Bike Blues".

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