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2012 Year in Review

Here is my brief review of my 2012 rides.

Distance: 817 miles Ascent: 116,366 feet Moving time: 120 hours

I am not sure how to describe my 2012 riding other than "terrible". Rides: down. Distance: down. Ascent: down. Total moving time: down.  It was a real downer.

The statistics tell one story and reflect another story. It was a tough year at work with early and late meetings almost every day. It was a year with lots of stress and little satisfaction. I was slow, heavy and out of shape. This made each ride much more difficult. Unfortunately, I haven't reset my self-expectations so I want to go as fast and as far as I used to and it is disappointing when I don't. As a result of all of this, I didn't enjoy riding in 2012 as much as other years.

I usually list some new trails or bike trips that I went on during the year. This year, I didn't ride any new trails of significance and I didn't go on any bike trips.

I hope 2013 will be better, but I'll have to work at it.



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