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Over Confidence

I had ridden Saratoga Gap on Labor Day and had a very enjoyable ride, so I talked Don in going there again. Since it was so much fun on Labor Day, it seemed like a good idea to lengthen it out a bit. This turned out to be a little too much good intention.

The ride started off great, zipping along the single track through the forest. Once we got into some serious climbing, Don's better conditioning started to put some hurt on me. I don't know if it was too much good intentions, not enough self-awareness, not enough pre-ride planning to figure out what would be in store or an overactive sense of denial, but when Don would ask if we should turn around I would say, "No, let's push on." Even when I thought Don wanted to turn around after a long climb on Sunny Jim trail, I ignored my own common sense and poor climb on the hill and said we should push onward. Don wasn't too hard to convince, but it was my own doing.

At Rapley Ranch Road I suggested that we should ride up to Crazy Pete's and then ride up dirt Alpine, White Oak and Skid Road. It seemed like a good idea at the time. I suffered as each sustained climb sucked the energy out of my legs. The climb up the hill at the Christmas Tree Farm just wasn't worth it. Through all of this, Don was patient and empathetic just before asking if I was ready to keep going. There weren't too many alternatives at this point, so we pushed on.

We finished with final steep climb before heading down to the parking lot, where we picked up Gatorades and hot dogs to celebrate a much longer ride than either of us had planned. We were glad to have made it!

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