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Old Dogs, New Tricks

The weather was good but Anna was out with a mechanical, so we decided not to go somewhere new and headed to Waterdog. Fortunately, the old dogs were still able to add a little bit of new trail to the repertoire.

We started off the usual route: Lake Road, John Brooks, Rambler, Finch and Upper Creek to Hastings Drive. The trails were in good condition and not too crowded for a long weekend. We headed over to the Carlmont area where the old dogs found the first new trail. Instead of heading all the way down the first main descent, we took a sharp left and headed out on a new trail (there are no maps or signposts so this trail will remain nameless for now). Someone had obviously put in a lot of work on this new trail that did a nice job of heading down the hill through the scrub. The trail was still fresh. Everything was in good shape expect for two steep drops right at the bottom that were too much for the old and wiser dogs.

After this exploration, we returned to Waterdog and headed back via Canyon Creek, Chaparral, John Brooks and Berry to the lake. We had tried exploring Waterdog Lake Loop Trail around the lake in the past but found it to be covered with poison oak an fallen trees. It looked like new work had been done, so we went exploring and discovered this is a pretty good trail. While work is just being completed, the entire trail is in place. The effort the trail crew has put into cutting the trails and build retaining walls is obvious (nice job!). The trail is well above the high water line of the lake, so it should be ridable year-round. The trail joins Berry just before the final drop to the lake. We agreed this was a good addition to the trails at Waterdog.

The new tricks keep the old dogs fresh. They're still old dogs, but like to imagine they can still run with the younger ones.

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